Sexy Thigh Gap with CoolSculpting

As soon as swim season approaches, many of us start obsessing about the appearance of our thighs, particularly the inner thigh area. Not only can it be uncomfortable to have excess fat on the thighs, but it can also make it difficult for pants to fit well.  Unfortunately, most of the toning exercises intended to slim down this area are rather ineffective or take too long to see any kind of marked improvement.

What Self Care LA CoolSculpting Package Is Right for Me?

Self Care LA in Santa Monica offers the highest quality CoolSculpting treatments at a convenient value while receiving VIP treatment. Patients are always seen by a qualified CoolSculpting certified expert.

Self Care LA has also put together CoolSculpting treatment packages which address targeted areas catered to a specific goal such as fitting into your skinny jeans or getting rid of a muffin top. Some of the packages that we would recommend for a sexy thigh gap are:

  • Bye-Bye Inner Thighs Packages – This package consists of four treatments to help eliminate the unwanted fat that exists between the thighs, for a slimmer look without the unwanted friction. You can enjoy swimwear and shorts with ease without worrying about your inner thighs rubbing together causing you discomfort and embarrassment.
  • Build Your Own Package – The build your own package allows you to treat the inner thighs while also pairing it with another complimentary treatment area. Many patients looking to slim the inner thigh also choose to treat the outer thigh for a comprehensive solution to excess thigh fat. However, this package is fully customizable, so you may choose any two treatment areas you like.

Why Should I Choose Self Care LA for my CoolSculpting Treatment?

Self Care LA is one of the few providers in the United States with the Diamond level distinction awarded by the manufacturer of CoolSculpting. This distinction means that Self Care performs between six and twelve treatments per day, resulting in at least 800 procedures every three months. This level of distinction tells you that our providers are not only certified by CoolSculpting, but also trusted providers that are in high demand for treatment.

If you are interested in learning more about thigh gap CoolSculpting treatments or any other area, contact our office today at 310-856-9583 to schedule a consultation with one of our providers.

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