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Skin Analysis with SkinScope in Santa Monica, CA | Self Care LA

Some skin disorders are obvious even in normal lighting, whereas others are seen only when viewed under ultraviolet (UV) light, which reveals the damage that lies just below the skin's surface. A skin analysis is a great way to check on your skin's condition. It’s important for us to pay attention to your skin’s profile so we can determine proper treatments and an effective skincare plan.

At Self Care LA, we offer a skin analysis to evaluate your skin using the Skinscope LED, which features two different lighting options: a daylight simulator for assessing surface issues and an LED-UV light mode for detecting deeper damage. This highly specialized procedure is the first step in determining your candidacy for products from the Skinceuticals line, which provide medical-grade support for a range of skin concerns.

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What is a Skin Analysis?

The fluorescence of the skin can be detected by LED-UV light, allowing for the detection of skin problems and conditions that are not readily apparent in normal lighting. Unwanted pigmentation, inadequate desquamation, dryness, clogged pores, and oiliness are all represented in a range of fluorescent colors, whereas healthy skin reflects back UV light giving a blue glow.

An examination of your skin assists in identifying the treatments that are most likely to be successful by identifying your particular skin type, the condition of your skin, and any other distinctive characteristics. During a skin analysis, we also collect information about your medical history, learn about your current skincare routine, and establish achievable goals for improvement. A skin analysis is also necessary before we can prescribe certain products, such as Upneeq for eyelid ptosis, certain facial procedures such as Clear and Brilliant, or medical-grade Skinceuticals products for daily at-home skin care.

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What can Skin Analysis do?

Fluorescence in the skin can be detected using ultraviolet (UV) light, which allows the SkinScope to uncover previously unknown forms of skin damage. A specific range of light is used to illuminate the skin; the way the rays emitted from the skin are reflected back is determined by the chemicals in the skin. After analyzing your skin, we can recommend or prescribe the best treatments or at-home products for optimal improvements, including specialized products from the Skinceuticals line.

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What We Look for During a Skin Analysis


With a skin analysis, we can determine your skin type and identify any damage in order to make recommendations for the most effective treatments. We get a clear understanding of your medical history, learn about your existing skin regimen, and discuss desired outcomes for improvement. By gaining an understanding of a patient’s health, we can evaluate what sorts of adjustments will result in the most dramatic improvements to the skin’s appearance.

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Skin Analysis Preparation and Procedure

During the SkinScope test, we will expose your face to two different lighting conditions—natural light and artificial LED light—and take an image of each result. You will then be provided with guidance on how to properly care for your skin. The pictures taken during your first appointment are used as a baseline to note changes during future exams. During these exams, we will look at how your skin has changed over time and continue to provide guidance on skin care.

Skin Analysis Results

The SkinScope Analysis will be used by our experienced medical staff to give you an unbiased look at the health of your skin. With this technology, a thorough photographic exam can be done, making it possible to develop a personalized treatment plan. Thus, the most productive in-office and at-home therapies can be identified. To avoid any unnecessary cosmetic surgery, this examination will provide you with a complete picture of your skin's health and condition. Results from the process will show how common skin problems like wrinkles, enlarged pores, sun-damaged cells, age spots, and facial acne bacteria develop from deep in the skin. The skin complexion analysis can tell you how your face will age with or without any additional treatment.

Skin Analysis Frequently Asked Questions

Your skin tone can be easily determined by asking yourself whether you burn or tan when exposed to the sun. If you burn easily in the sun, you most likely have a cool tone. On the other hand, the ability to get a tan rapidly is a solid indicator of having warm skin tones.

In the past, doctors and patients used questionnaires and physical tests to determine patient skin concerns. The answers to questions like "Do you tan easily?", "Is your skin greasy in certain areas?" and "Would you consider your skin sensitive?" are open to interpretation, so they may not always give your provider an accurate picture of your skin type. The digital skin analysis provides hard data that you can compare to the results of previous analyses to see how much you have improved or provide ongoing guidance for future care.

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