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Lumecca: IPL services offered in Santa Monica CA

Lumecca by InMode® is an intense pulsed light procedure that diminishes dark spots, spider veins, and acne. At Self Care LA, aesthetic medicine specialist Bharat Kothakota, MD, MPH, is the only provider on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, California, to provide Lumecca IPL services. To schedule a treatment consultation, call Self Care LA or book an appointment online today.

Lumecca: IPL Q & A

What is Lumecca IPL?

Lumecca intense pulsed light (IPL) is a treatment for skin pigment concerns. There are many conditions and natural features that can lend to an uneven skin tone, and Lumecca IPL addresses them by reducing inflammation and breaking down pigments. 

While often mistaken for a type of laser, IPL is not quite the same. Lasers, also useful in aesthetic medicine, have a single light wavelength that can usually target a specific cell type. IPL is different because the light is scattered rather than focused and includes many wavelengths. It appears as a bright white flash, similar to a camera’s flash. 

Before your treatments with Lumecca IPL at Self Care LA, Dr. Kothakota examines your skin and asks about your concerns. He also goes over your medical history to make sure that Lumecca IPL treatments will be both safe and effective for you.

What are the results of Lumecca IPL?

Lumecca IPL reduces or eliminates a range of skin concerns that people often attempt to remove with other methods or conceal with makeup. Your IPL treatments at Self Care LA can treat skin features such as:

  • Age or sun spots
  • Visible blood vessels and spider veins
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Acne
  • Skin laxity and wrinkles

Among other skin care options with similar abilities, including other IPL devices, Lumecca IPL stands out because of its remarkably high power and versatility. If it’s a good fit for you, Dr. Kothakota determines how many treatments you’ll need to reach your goals. 

What should I expect during my Lumecca IPL procedure?

When you come in for a Lumecca IPL procedure at Self Care LA, Dr. Kothakota provides you with protective eyewear to shield your eyes against potential damage from the bright light. During the procedure, you feel a similar sensation to a rubber band snapping against your skin. It leaves behind some redness and warmth, but this doesn’t take long to go away.

Over the 24-48 hours following your Lumecca procedure, you might notice pigmented spots and lesions getting darker. This is normal and is not a sign that the treatment isn’t working. Eventually, those spots flake off or dissipate.

To schedule your consultation for Lumecca IPL at Self Care LA, call the office or book an appointment online today.