Microneedling Treatment with Bella SkinPen

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Microneedling Los Angeles

Microneedling is collagen-induction therapy that non-surgically penetrates your skin’s surface with tiny needles to help rejuvenate aging skin. The procedure leverages your body’s own healing powers to bring new life to your appearance. 

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Microneedling Plays a Big Role in Skin Rejuvenation 

Microneedling takes an interesting approach to skin rejuvenation. The procedure uses ultrafine needles to harmlessly penetrate the skin. Microneedling is also known as collagen induction therapy because it promotes your body’s natural collagen production by stimulating the healing process. Dr. Aggarwal employs a handheld device, known as a SkinPen during the procedure.

The SkinPen features several tiny needles that puncture your skin rapidly. Microneedling “tricks” your body into initiating its own powers of regeneration, which promotes the growth of supple collagen in your skin.[1] It is the slow, steady degeneration of collagen over the years that contributes so significantly to the appearance of lax, sagging skin.  

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Mirconeelding can assist in rejuvenating aging skin without the commitment and downtime that often comes with more involved procedures, like a facelift. Microneedling might sound like a bizarre process, to some. It employs fine needles to puncture the skin and create controlled micro-wounds.[2] Microneedling “wakes up” your skin’s healing ability as collagen and other compounds are released to return your youthful luster.

Microneedling is an effective skincare treatment that’s appropriate for use anywhere on the face and body.  


Ideal candidates do not have any open wounds, abrasions or cuts at the skin’s surface. Open sores and infections may postpone your procedure. Microneedling is among our most inclusive skin rejuvenation procedures at Self Care LA. Unlike many laser treatments, Microneedling is safe for all skin tones and it enjoys a much lower risk of hyperpigmentation.[3]

Your Complimentary Consultation at Self Care LA

In your private meeting with one of our skin-care experts, you will get the opportunity to discuss the concerns you may have regarding your skin and how the microneedling treatment will help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Your skin-care specialist will discuss the benefits of the Bella SkinPen treatment. They will then examine your skin and ask about your past treatments and current medication regimen. This information will help us decide if you are a qualified candidate for the procedure. When appropriate, our attentive medical professionals at Self Care LA may offer an alternative solution that better addresses your unique needs.

Together, you and your skin-care expert will develop a treatment plan that is healthy, safe and effective. We encourage our clients to ask lots of questions so they can be well-informed and confident in their procedure.

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Preparation & Procedure

In anticipation of your treatment, you will want to clean the target area and avoid putting any products or moisturizers on it. It is also important not to exercise the morning of your procedure as sweating may dehydrate your skin, causing irritation. On the morning of your appointment, you will want to wear comfortable clothing. For a positive experience, follow all the instructions given to you by Dr. Aggarwal and his staff.

The complete session can take as little as half an hour, with additional time allowed for the numbing cream to set.

Before your treatment begins, a topical numbing cream will be applied to your skin. Once the topical agent has taken effect and you are comfortable, your skincare expert will begin your microneedling procedure.
Your attending technician will make gentle circles around the skin with the microneedling pen. Meanwhile, tiny needles will rapidly apply micro-wounds over the treatment area.[4] Once all of the predetermined areas have been treated, your skin-care specialist will cleanse and moisturize your skin. They will remind you of how to care for your skin in the following days and what to expect.

Recovery & Results

Your skin may be red and sensitive in the days following your treatment. These are common symptoms and will diminish as your skin heals. You will need to avoid strenuous activities and exercise for the first few days of your recovery because sweating will irritate the microlesions.

Direct sunlight will also need to be avoided as your skin heals. Once the initial healing has taken place we recommend you wear a high level of SPF to protect your skin as it will be sensitive to sunlight for a while after the treatment.

Do not apply any products other than the ones provided by your skin-care specialist. If your face was the area treated, a thin layer of makeup can be applied after the initial healing process.

How long does it take to see results from microneedling?

You will notice improvements in your skin quality after four to six weeks. At this point, your skin will have generated a new layer that is smoother, tighter and firmer than the previous layer. You may need multiple microneedling treatments before you see your ideal outcome. Your skin-care expert and you will discuss your options and develop a plan that provides your best end-result.

These results are relatively long-lasting and will remain consistent with good skin-care practices.

What is PRP with Bella SkinPen Treatment?

PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is a concentrated serum of the platelets found in your blood. This serum is natural, with no added foreign ingredients to cause an allergic reaction. The serum is made from your own blood to apply after the microlesions have been administered with the Bella SkinPen. PRP works to reduce your healing period by using the concentrated platelets to increase your skin’s growth time and work as an anti-inflammatory. Platelets naturally help with healing in the body, so when they are concentrated and applied directly to the micro-wounds, they shorten your healing period and greatly improve the quality of your skin.

This procedure is very simple. Before your microneedling treatment begins, your skincare specialist will take a sample of your blood. The blood will then be prepared by separating the red blood cells from the platelet-rich proteins. The serum will be prepared and ready by the time your microneedling treatment is complete. The PRP serum will be applied directly to your treated area and will soak into the tiny lesions, penetrating to the deep layer of the dermis. This treatment will help to heal and regenerate your skin quickly while also improving the long-term health of your skin!

How Much Does Microneedling Cost in Los Angeles?

This non-surgical procedure is an excellent antiaging and rejuvenating technique to provide you with glowing, soft skin! Each treatment will differ in price, based on the customized technique performed on you and the number of treatments involved to provide your best outcome.

Schedule a free consultation to see if this amazing, non-surgical, non-invasive procedure is right for you!   


How many treatments do I need and how often?

For the best results with the least risk, we recommend spacing your return appointments about four to six weeks apart. With adequate time to heal, repeated microneedling treatments will begin to have a cumulative benefit. As your body mobilizes your body’s amazing healing capacity does its work, new cells and proteins replace the old damaged ones. Microneedling can return a youthful glow to your skin. It can be used anywhere on the face and body. 

Is microneedling painful?

Patients do not report feeling much pain from microneedling. Its hair-thin needles often enter the patient’s epidermis without them even feeling it. As an additional measure, the attendant technician may apply some topical numbing cream at the beginning of the microneedling session to minimize discomfort.

Can I wear makeup after microneedling?

Medical consensus advises that microneedling patients wait two to three days after their appointment to begin wearing makeup again. These guidelines may be modified to meet the individual needs of the patient. 


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