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What Areas Are Most Impacted By Coolsculpting And What Exercises Can Help?

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After dozens of years of research, starting with the folktale-like Popsicle study, CoolScupting is becoming one of the country’s most popular ways to trim and reduce fat, so that we can look a little leaner and tighter, much like the celebrities...

by Bharat Kothakota , MD MPH

After dozens of years of research, starting with the folktale-like Popsicle study, CoolScupting is becoming one of the country's most popular ways to trim and reduce fat, so that we can look a little leaner and tighter, much like the celebrities that have trusted the process. While not a means of losing weight, CoolSculpting gives people a push in the right direction of the healthier life that they desire. Many people considering the treatment wonder what areas are most impacted by CoolSculpting.

A safe alternative to the dramatic and (sometimes) frightening needle incisions of liposuction, CoolSculpting is a way of getting rid of that pesky fat that has accumulated in areas of your body that can not be solved by exercise or diet alone. Working based on the fact that fat cells in the body are more sensitive to cool temperatures than the other cells around them, you can apply cool temperatures directly to the skin on parts of your body where you want to lose fat, and the fat cells underneath will freeze and eventually die-never to return. However, the temperature will never be so cold that it harms a patient's skin or any other part of the body.

CoolSculpting tends to appertain to those who have already achieved or are nearing their diet and exercise goals but have a little bit of extra fat stored in areas that tend to be trickier-genes coming into play. Remember: everyone's body and body goals are different, and different because of a lot of outside and inherent factors. This goes double for the difference between male and female bodies, as testosterone has been proven to be responsible for where men store their fat. With that being said, treatments tend to have the same layout as a patient's mentality; maybe one treatment will satisfy you, maybe more.

In Addition to CoolSculpting, Focus Exercise

Are you hitting the gym 3-5 times a week, working your oblique muscles and lower back at least twice during this period, and still noticing little layers of fat that prevent you from looking the way you feel? After weeks of core-strengthening exercises, does the term "washboard" only pertain to half of your Rectus Abdominis? Then CoolSculpting is definitely for you. Here are some of the areas to target during your CoolSculpting visit, and an exercise that could potentially help to add muscle and burn more fat in that area.


Though men may have trouble with inner/outer thigh fat, it can bring a woman's confidence to a grinding halt, especially during the summer months. Though cellulite tends to be an embarrassing eyesore, it could also potentially motivate you try CoolSculpting and improve your health in general. Fat on the inner thighs is usually easier to see (try pinching your skin there versus your outer thigh) though both can still be treated. What lower body workouts you choose to help tighten your fat after CoolSculpting depends on your vision of the body you want. If you want to get rid of a little bit of fat and turn it into muscle, try any type of body or weighted squat, lunges, and extended wall-sits. However, if you want to completely eliminate the flab on those thighs, extensive (1-2 hours per day, 5 times a week) and varying cardio sessions will help. Running, sprinting, hill-training, biking, swimming, stair-climbing, jumping rope and other interval training regimes can greatly improve the loss of thigh fat.


Two of the most requested and commonly treated Coolsculpting areas are the mid to lower back, where heavy amounts of fatty tissue can store, and the oblique muscles, the technical name for the abdominal muscle usually associated with the nicknames "love handles" and "muffin top". Luckily for patients, these areas of the body are most effective areas for treatment; tissues here respond greatly after CoolSculpting, due to the high-concentrated pockets of fat and the option to have "DualSculpting" done, where two machines treat 2 areas (each side) at the same time, reducing treatment time by half. Excercises to include in your next lower back routine include deadlifts, hyperextensions, interval training, and once again, cardio. To lose those love handles, the wood chop, oblique v-up's, and weighted and non-weighted side bends in a continuous set, with only a 30 second break in-between sets.


Ah, yes-abs. Many patients think that one lone CoolSculpting visit will magically remove their belly fat and replace it with the likes of Jennifer Lopez' or Dwayne Johnson's toned core, as flat stomachs and abs are what most of us have our eyes on when researching CoolSculpting, and is the most common area of request. Unfortunately, this is one of the most common places the body stores fat. In doing so, both exercise and CoolScupting need one another to reach a patient's end goal. CoolSculpting can treat the excess fat that your stomach stores, while you and you alone are the person who can transform yourself like that. Not only is the body's core strength measured in the abdominal muscles, but it also tends to be for presentation-sometimes flaunted as an accomplishment. Fortunately, CoolSculpting can reach this stubborn fat and freeze it away without any invasive methods. Once CoolSculpting has worked its magic, try mixing cardio/interval training (elliptical, running, sprinting, jump-roping, biking/spin) with ab workouts like planks, hip-ups, weighted twists, leg reaches, donkey kickbacks, leg raises, body squats, windshield wipers, and yoga stretches on a day where you solely focus on your core. Other muscle-specific exercises that can be done as secondary abdominal exercises include front & back squats, bench and military presses, deadlifts and rows, and fly's and pulls.


Our doctors at Self Care LA are experienced CoolSculpting experts. They have helped many patients achieve their body goals using this breakthrough technique to help people get targeted fat loss. View our before and after photos of the amazing results. Then, contact us at Self Care LA to book a consultation or appointment to be on your way to "freezing the fat" in the areas you're most concerned about.

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