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The CoolSculpting Doctor Is In

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The human body is a wonder of art and science. It has pleasing contours that must be maintained with the proper diet and exercise routine.

by Bharat Kothakota, MD MPH

Trust Your Body Contouring Needs with a Medical Professional

The human body is a wonder of art and science. It has pleasing contours that must be maintained with the proper diet and exercise routine. But when working out and eating right fail to deliver the exact shape and size you desire, you may want a supplement to your healthy lifestyle. So, who should you consult with the complexities of artistic expression and scientific expertise?

Meet the CoolSculpting doctor

Dr. Bharat Kothakota studied at Washington University in St Louis and earned a Master's Degree in public health from George Washington University before securing his Medical Degree from Howard University. Since then, he racked up a second Master's at CoolSculpting University, training with the very pioneers who helped engineer the technology of freezing fat cells away. Dr. Kothakota has performed hundreds procedures, delivering amazing results for his Los Angeles neighbors.

In other words: Dr. Kothakota has your back, medically speaking. To learn how you can benefit from a CoolSculpting treatment from a licensed professional, schedule a free consultation at Self Care LA.

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The CoolSculpting Doctor Is In

The CoolSculpting Doctor Is In

The CoolSculpting Doctor Is In

The CoolSculpting Doctor Is In

The CoolSculpting Doctor Is In

The CoolSculpting Doctor Is In

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What Is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is the brand name for cryolipolysis, the science of freezing fat cells.[1] The concentrated cold delivered via a CoolSculpting device infiltrates the adipose layers of fat lining your "problem areas" without harming the skin or muscles surrounding them.[2] It is a complex biological process that requires the depth of knowledge you would demand from a licensed physician.

Even though CoolSculpting devices are designed to work their magic in an automated manner, it is important to understand said magic. Only by thoroughly studying the field of cryolipolysis can one communicate its underlying scientific benefits.

While many med spas offer CoolSculpting, it is essential that they are accredited and experienced. Dr. Kothakota has endured the rigors of medical school, emerging as one of the brightest stars in the Los Angeles medical community. Why take chances with lesser equipped CoolSculpting practitioners when you can reap the rewards of Dr. Kothakota's years of experience and unparalleled expertise?

Benefits of Visiting Dr. CoolSculpting

A medical degree speaks volumes. It separates those with a passing interest in healthcare from those who have spent thousands of hours honing their skills and knowledge. Dr. Kothakota's passion for improvement sets him apart from casual medical observers. A CoolSculpting session at Self Care LA is an appointment with excellence.

  • If you have spent endless hours at the gym working your biceps to the bone, yet still haven't seen the progress you want, then you should consider CoolSculpting for arms. Under Dr. Kothakota's guidance, you can shape the upper body of your dreams!
  • Banana rolls and love handles (flanks) often escape the benefits of diet and exercise. Dr. Kothakota can apply his medical expertise to helping you find the right cosmetic solution to assist your healthcare regimen. CoolSculpting may be just what the doctor ordered!
  • For excess fat stores along the thighs and knees, Dr. Kothakota can prescribe the right prescription for slimming and trimming with CoolSculpting.
  • Men with enlarged breasts may have a condition called gynecomastia. Dr. Kothakota can explain the medical causes of gynecomastia to his clients and administer CoolSculpting for the chest as a possible treatment.
  • The tummy is often the most difficult area to maintain. With Dr. Kothakota's help, abdominal CoolSculpting can freeze away the fat that obscures your natural curves and/or six-pack abs!

Am I an Eligible Candidate? Ask the Doctor!

If you have excess fat deposits and want a doctor's opinion regarding the best non-surgical ways to contour your body, then Self Care LA is your ideal destination. You can maintain your peace of mind when you share your medical records with a licensed physician.

Dr. Kothakota can study your history with the eye of a true expert and make sure that you are eligible for a CoolSculpting transformation.

For example, if you struggle with a condition known as Raynaud's syndrome, your lymphatic system may not be able to handle the influx of waste triggered by an extensive CoolSculpting session.[3] Dr. Aggarwal has the depth of knowledge to delve into your medical history thoroughly and decisively. If there is any reason why you should not be receiving CoolSculpting treatments, Dr. Kothakota will inform you of his findings and devise an alternate solution to your body contouring issues.

Consult with the CoolSculpting Expert

Communication is essential in every facet of medical care. From researchers on the front lines of scientific discovery to the inner workings of large hospitals to the one-on-one attention you will receive at Self Care LA, discussing a problem is the first step to solving it.

In addition to his medical and aesthetic prowess, Dr. Kothakota is an expert listener. He is eager to learn about your medical history and help strategize your future goals.

As part of Dr. Kothakota's continued efforts to communicate his dedication to the scientific arts, he regularly contributes to our blog. As you read along, think of questions you may want to ask Dr. Kothakota during your consultation. He can provide well-reasoned answers and a comprehensive plan to bring your looks to the next level!

Preparation and Procedure

During your individual consultation, Dr. Kothakota can determine if CoolSculpting works with your physiology. It is a non-invasive procedure, so there is little to no preparation required. In fact, the doctor may deem you ready for a treatment immediately following your consultation!

Preparation and Procedure

You will be assigned a private room in which to experience your CoolSculpting procedure. Feel free to surf the Internet, read a book, or check your phone while the medical experts at Self Care LA do their work. They will choose the appropriate CoolSculpting applicator for your target area(s) and monitor the device throughout your brief 30-minute session.

Dr. Kothakota will help determine how many treatments you may require. Healthcare is an active conversation. How your body responds to your fist CoolSculpting session will inform Dr. Kothakota how best to proceed. Start the conversation by contacting our Los Angeles office at your earliest convenience.

Doctor Guided Recovery

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure. You can resume your daily activities immediately following a treatment session. While these are some of the many wonderful traits associated with CoolSculpting technology, they must not be taken for granted.

Some patients may experience minor bruising at the site where their skin makes contact with the CoolSculpting applicator. This is normal, but you may have medical questions regarding the alleviation of any slight irritation you experience. Dr. Kothakota can explain the science of healthy skin and how to properly treat minor bruises and swelling.

Doctor Guided Recovery

In terms of the ongoing process through which your body flushes away frozen fat cells, it helps to have a doctor at the helm. Most med spa personnel merely tell you that the fat cells are "gone," but you may wonder where exactly they go? Dr. Kothakota can reward your curiosity with a comprehensive discussion of the lymphatic system and how it functions.

If your medical history includes any indication that you are not ready to properly process waste material such as frozen fat cells, then Dr. Kothakota wants to know this information. CoolSculpting may not be right for you, and you deserve an accomplished medical professional to make the ultimate determination about your optimal cosmetic enhancements.

Amazing Results

In addition to the obvious physical benefits of CoolSculpting, you can reap additional psychological rewards by booking your procedure with Self Care LA. When you visit the CoolSculpting Doctor, aka Bharat Kothakota, you can gain confidence knowing that you are in the care of an experienced physician. Just take a look at our rave reviews to get a glimpse of Dr. Kothakota's impressive track record.

Complementary Procedures

CoolSculpting is an excellent way to shed unwanted fat. Dr. Aggarwal can oversee the process to make sure you are responding well to the technology and advancing your overall healthcare goals. As a premiere medical professional, Dr. Kothakota can assess your wellness needs, holistically, not just as they pertain to one body part or a series of localized CoolSculpting sessions.

In addition to the fat reduction benefits that Self Care LA offers, we also provide the muscle building support of EvolveX. This revolutionary technique flexes your muscles with the help of High-Intensity Focused radiofrequency energy. In a span of just 30 minutes, you can enjoy the benefits of 20,000 crunches!

Dr. Kothakota can determine how EvolveX fits into your overarching healthcare and aesthetic journey. Would you expect any less from Dr. CoolSculpting himself?



Dr. Kothakota prides himself on providing optimum care at the right price. The cost of our CoolSculpting session will depend on the extent of treatment you desire and the number of visits you require. We offer financing options to help you pay for your aesthetic improvements.


When you want your car to run its best, you take it to a trusted mechanic. So why don't you give your body the same consideration? Instead of taking your chances with another med spa, take advantage of our advantages! Self Care LA is staffed by highly trained medical professionals, most notably Dr. Bharat Kothakota. His extensive résumé is an invitation to CoolSculpting with a side of confidence. Contact our Los Angeles clinic to discuss your aesthetic and wellness needs.


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