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Self Care LA Selected as a Top Doctor for CoolSculpting

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Founded in Los Angeles by top doctors, lawyers and executives of Facebook and Twitter, ZendyHealth has some of the most brilliant and respected minds in the tech and health industries. This is why we at Self Care LA are honored to announce...

by Bharat Kothakota , MD MPH

Founded in Los Angeles by top doctors, lawyers and executives of Facebook and Twitter, ZendyHealth has some of the most brilliant and respected minds in the tech and health industries. This is why we at Self Care LA are honored to announce that ZendyHealth has selected Self Care LA as a 2017 top doctor for CoolSculpting.

Started in 2015 by a group of medical professionals with a goal to revolutionize healthcare access, ZendyHealth (formerly ZendyBeauty) has been called one of Inc. Magazine's top start-up companies to watch. They have been a breakthrough in healthcare technology by offering a service to patients that lets them negotiate prices of standard medical, dental and cosmetic procedures with top board-certified physicians and their practices. In this age where technology is easily available, but affordable healthcare is increasingly harder to find, ZendyHealth makes it easier for patients to find a quality procedure and trusted provider at a price they can afford. They help doctors fill gaps in their appointment schedules and patients who need an alternative to increasingly expensive medical procedures and insurance coverage in the United States.

Their Medical Advisory Board, a group of doctors with over 50 years of experience and recognized leaders in their fields, screens for top class, highly rated, Certified Providers and selectively adds them to the Zendy Provider Network. They have a systematic review process based upon a variety of factors to help ensure that their group of Certified Providers provide excellent service and results. We are not only proud to be a part of Zendy's provider network, but to also be in the top-tier.

ZendyHealth has recognized Self Care LA as an elite provider of CoolScultping. This is what they have to say about choosing a top doctor for CoolSculpting like Self Care LA:

"It should also be said that when shopping around, it is important not to let Coolsculpting prices be the overall deciding factor as to which service provider would be best. The integrity and experience of the Coolsculpting provider should also be crucial concerns. At ZendyHealth, we take all of those factors into account. That's why we offer consumers easy access to the best Board Certified providers and places that offer affordable Coolsculpting prices."

ZendyHealth calls CoolSculpting a safe, affordable and great fat loss alternative to liposuction. They work with hundreds of providers like us that perform the increasingly popular CoolSculpting technique for:

  • Hips/Lovehandles
  • Lower Abdomen
  • Male Chest
  • Upper Abdomen

Zendy recommends CoolSculpting for patients who have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of less than 30 and a body without excess skin folds.

"If exercise isn't doing enough and if liposuction surgery sounds too extreme for you, then you should consider freezing your fat with Coolsculpting." They say, "Even if you just have a few "trouble spots" and are in overall good health, CoolSculpting will transform those trouble spots into slimmer, healthier areas."

ZendyHealth has seen celebrities use CoolSculpting as their secret to a better body shape, but they say it can be affordable for all patients too.

Zendy recommends CoolSculpting as the perfect way to get you swimsuit ready. "Whether you consider yourself "bikini ready" or not, CoolSculpting will help improve the shape and tone of your body, making you the talk of the beach, lake, or pool."


Discover these benefits of CoolSculpting for yourself at Self Care LA, a ZendyHealth top doctor for CoolSculpting. Read more about how CoolSculpting works and about the cost of CoolSculpting on our Wellness Blog. Then, contact us at Self Care LA to schedule a consultation and appointment to get started with CoolSculpting for a better body.

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