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CoolSculpting Vs EvolveX: What's the Difference

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • What is CoolSculpting Elite
  • What is EvolveX
  • How do the treatments differ
  • How long do the treatments take
  • Are there any side effects
  • How long to see the results
  • Which is the best treatment for me?


CoolSculpting and EvolveX are both popular non-surgical fat reduction treatments, but they're not the same. If you're wondering which one to go with, here's what you need to know.

What Does CoolSculpting Elite Do?

CoolSculpting Elite is a non-invasive fat reduction procedure that uses Cryolipolysis to freeze and destroy fat cells in the area around your abdomen, hips, thighs or flanks.

You can also use CoolSculpting Elite for:

  • To reduce the appearance of cellulite on your buttocks, hips and thighs.
  • To help with weight loss by reducing localised areas of stubborn fat that diet and exercise may not help eliminate.

What Does EvolveX Radiofrequency Do?

EvolveX RF therapy is a non-invasive, FDA-cleared procedure that uses radiofrequency energy, delivered through a handheld wand, to heat the fat cells in the targeted area.

The heat produced by the radiofrequency energy causes the fat cells to die while leaving other tissue untouched. This process triggers your body's natural healing response, which is why EvolveX can produce dramatic results without downtime!

The EvolveX treatment process takes around 30 minutes per session and has been shown effective for both small areas (like arms or flanks) and larger areas (like stomachs).

How Are the Treatments Different

CoolSculpting Elite uses a suction device to freeze fat cells, whereas EvolveX Radiofrequency therapy uses radio waves to heat fat cells. In other words, CoolSculpting freezes the fat cells and then hardens them into ice crystals that are eventually eliminated by your body’s natural processes (i.e., they don’t go back into the bloodstream). The EvolveX RF therapy heats your tissues until they contract and shrink in size.

Both treatments are effective in helping patients reduce unwanted bulges after as few as three sessions (each lasting between 30 minutes and an hour). However, there are some differences in how each procedure works:

  • CoolSculpting Elite is FDA approved; however, EvolveX Radiofrequency therapy is not yet approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).
  • CoolSculpting does not require anaesthesia; however, EvolveX requires local anaesthesia for treatment comfort.
  • CoolSculpting can be used on many body parts; however, EvolveX cannot treat areas with hair follicles or skin folds.
  • Both procedures will only cause minor discomfort; afterwards, it may feel like having gone on a long jog.
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How Long Does Each Treatment Take?

CoolSculpting Elite takes between 2-3 hours. The EvolveX laser treatment, on the other hand, is more time-efficient: it only takes 30-90 minutes.

If you're looking to lose weight in your stomach area, CoolSculpting Elite is a better choice because the treatment can take up to three hours and isn't as time efficient as EvolveX. However, suppose you have very little time on your hands or are interested in toning up other body parts while losing weight from around your stomach area (like arms or thighs). In that case, EvolveX might be better for you because its laser treatments are shorter and, therefore, easier to fit into a busy schedule.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Both CoolSculpting Elite and EvolveX RF therapy have a few temporary side effects.

For CoolSculpting Elite, the most common side effect is mild to moderate swelling of the treated area. This can last anywhere from two days to three weeks after treatment. In rare cases, patients may experience bruising at the site of treatment or faint redness that lasts for less than two days after their session. These effects typically go away on their own but can be treated with ice packs or topical pain relievers like ibuprofen (Advil) and acetaminophen (Tylenol).

Other potential side effects include numbness or tingling in fingers and toes, headaches, muscle spasms in the treated area, or skin discolouration at your treatment site—which are all relatively uncommon and usually resolve within a couple of weeks after your CoolSculpting appointment!

EvolveX RF therapy also has some temporary side effects: redness around the targeted fat cells throughout your body as they shrink over time; tenderness in targeted areas; localised itching (which usually resolves once you've had multiple treatments); possible water retention right after therapy due to fluid loss caused by burning off fat cells through hyperthermia—but this will only last until you start eating normally again!

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

Coolsculpting takes about 3-4 months for results to be visible, and EvolveX takes about 6-8 weeks.

Both CoolSculpting and EvolveX are non-invasive procedures that use different cryolipolysis technologies. CoolSculpting is designed to freeze fat cells, while EvolveX uses a radiofrequency technology that heats the fat cells to cause them to die and be eliminated by your body's natural processes.

Both procedures are highly effective at reducing fat in problem areas such as the love handles, thighs, abdomen or saddlebags (double chin).

Which Treatment is Best for Me?

Choosing the proper treatment for you is about more than just price. If you're looking for a quick, affordable fix to help you lose weight, CoolSculpting might be the best choice. But if your body could benefit from a more holistic approach and want a longer-lasting effect on your health, EvolveX is better for you.

It's important to remember that these two treatments work differently—so it's essential to choose the one that will get the best results for your lifestyle and goals.

No treatment is better than the other; each has its strengths and weaknesses.

CoolSculpting Elite is better for treating the neck and jawline, while EvolveX RF therapy is better for treating the thighs and abdomen. So you can combine both treatments to get better results.

If you're wondering which treatment is best for you, there's no one-size-fits-all answer. Because of their unique differences, CoolSculpting Elite offers a different kind of skin tightening that can be used on other parts of your body. The same holds with EvolveX RF therapy: it delivers exciting results when treating areas like your stomach or upper arms but also has some drawbacks in other areas like the face where it just doesn't work as well as CoolSculpting Elite does due to its size limitations (and how small those targets typically are).


CoolSculpting and EvolveX are both excellent treatments for fat reduction. Each has benefits and drawbacks, so weighing them against your needs and goals is essential before choosing the best. CoolSculpting can be used on more areas of the body but doesn't use heat or electricity, which might make it safer for some people.

EvolveX uses heat energy from radio frequencies that penetrate deep within tissues. This may be better if you have stubborn areas that need extra work because they won't respond as quickly (or at all) with other methods such as diet and exercise alone.

Which treatment is right for me?

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