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CoolSculpting for Legs and Thighs

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Whether you’re landlocked or you live on the coast, summertime is usually synonymous with bathing suits and aquatic fun. We as a nation try to plan to meet up with friends, coworkers, or family members at the literal local watering hole every week...

by Bharat Kothakota , MD MPH

CoolSculpting for Legs and Thighs

Whether you're landlocked or you live on the coast, summertime is usually synonymous with bathing suits and aquatic fun. We as a nation try to plan to meet up with friends, coworkers, or family members at the literal local watering hole every week or so during this period so we can work on our tans, bond over likes and dislikes, or just feel the freedom of not being at work. It is finally the season for fun in the sun. But alas, sometimes things can go askew and ruin all the fun that is to be had. I'm of course talking about excess fat. While friends and family may not be bothered by it, you are and you feel that it's a total eyesore, but don't get down because we've all been there. While not as bothersome to your eyes as the rolls on your stomach (which if you need help, check out how CoolSculpting can help out your abdominal area, a common area that fat can guide you into summertime sadness territory is the legs and thighs. If cellulite and flab have you at wit's end, here's how CoolSculpting for Legs can help!

What CoolSculpting is and how it Works

So, really, what is CoolSculpting, how does it work, and how will it help rid your legs/thighs of pesky fat? These are all good questions, and if you've asked any of them, read on!

Also called Cryolipolysis, CoolSculpting is a non-invasive treatment that uses cold temperatures to permanently destroy some of the fat cells in your body; once destroyed, these cells will never return, but be cautious, new one could take their place. The temperature of the treatment, however, never get low enough to a point that would cause any sort of harm to a patient's skin, nerves, blood vessels, or muscle tissue, so if you're worrisome in that regard, don't sweat it. (CoolSculpting doctors and technicians should be notified of any sort of skin conditions or sensitivities to the cold, however.) A CoolSculpting gel pad and applicator, which resembles a vacuum, is then attached to the targeted area for about an hour. The combined efforts of the applicator's vacuum to draw in fatty tissue and use of cool temperatures to begin freezing the fat cells inside shows a scientific similiarity to the "Good Cop/Bad Cop" routine that we're all familiar with, and is how the procedure is essentially performed.

CoolSculpting tends to appertain to those individuals who have already achieved or are nearing their diet and exercise goals but have a little bit of extra fat stored in pestering areas; that's not to say that everyone can't get CoolSculpting, as doctors at Self Care LA can offer their insight in a consultation session to see if it would be beneficial for you. It's just that, while CoolSculpting will help a patient lose fat cells, if you're on the obese side, it is going to take a whole lot more help from CoolSculpting's best friends-exercise and diet-to get you where you need to be.

Those individuals who are slowly nearing the beach body that they've always wanted, still need to know that it is going to take their best effort, mentally and physically, to continue to climb to that plateau-things just get a little easier with an extra push from CoolSculpting.

Clearing the Skies of Thunder…Thighs

As previously stated (and just to remind you to run through the sprinkler immediately after reading this article because CoolSculpting could possibly change your life), it is summertime. Whatever fond memories summer may hold for you, you don't want them to be tainted by the lack of fun that is stemming from your own body turning on you. Maybe your 70's-style swim trunks or trendy new two-piece aren't exactly how you envisioned them, and maybe a tad tighter than anticipated.

Though men may have trouble with inner/outer thigh fat (especially when jeans and tight shorts are involved), a woman's confidence could be brought to a stand-still, especially during these summer months. Even though cellulite tends to be an embarrassing eyesore, remember that even celebrities have it, despite their best attempts to cover it up. While your favorite celebs have access to expensive trainers, doctors, and nutritionists that you don't have, a few little pockets of cellulite that are keeping you from your goals could also potentially motivate you try CoolSculpting and improve your health in general.

Inner thigh fat is usually easier to see. Try this: pinch your skin at both the inner and outer thigh. Though both can still be treated, the inner thigh is usually where the fat will accumulate in your legs, and is the cause for the gelatin like giggle when doing even the most mundane activity. So, what do you need to pair with CoolSculpting at Self Care LA for that last little bit of fat to be squashed between your, for lack of a better term, thighs? Here are a few suggestions:

Exercise-Cardio & Weightlifiting

What lower body workouts do you choose to help tighten your fat? This answer depends solely on your vision of the body you want to achieve. If you want to get rid of a little bit of fat and transform it into muscle, try any type of body or weighted squat, lunges, and extended wall-sits; leg curls and leg extensions with also give your hamstrings muscle. Pylometric jump training is another way to strengthen the muscles in your legs. However, if you want to completely eliminate the flab on those thighs, extensive (1-2 hours per day, 4 to 6 times a week) and varying cardio sessions will help. Running, sprinting, hill-training, biking, swimming, stair-climbing, jumping rope and other interval training regimes can greatly improve the loss of thigh fat.

Be keen to remember, that like the underarms-which are generally are a problem for the obese or elderly-the fat cells in the thighs tend to stick around even if you never skip leg day. Thighs are meatier, which means more fat if you're not constantly doing an exercise that is based around their use, and even if that is the case, variables come into play. So, are you trying to lose the thickness? If yes, then cardio is the route you want to take; if not, and you just want to lose fat, keep doing leg-presses and squats and accrue muscle and mass. Each route will benefit from CoolSculpting as a means to lose those thunder thighs during beach season.

Diet & Nutrition

Those CoolSculpting patients looking to lose fat on their thighs and legs will also need to maintain a healthy diet that consists of high amounts of healthy proteins such as chicken, turkey, fish & seafood, yogurts, milk, and lean beef in moderation. Vegetables like asparagus, zucchini, spinach, broccoli, carrots, and Brussel sprouts tend to pair well with meats. Moderate amounts of carbs and fruits (black beans, quinoa, peaches, bananas) and a decent amount of healthy fats (avocados, olive oil, omega-3 vitamins) round out an ideal, low-fat diet. It is also wise to try and cut out the majority sugars and sweets (soda, candy, etc.). If you need a treat, try a protein smoothie or low-fat/carb ice cream or yogurt.

CoolSculpting at Self Care LA

Last, but certainly not least, CoolSculpting is that final push that your thighs, calves, ankles, and the rest of your legs need to look the form that they feel. The guaranteed results of CoolSculpting are hard to pass up, but the cosmetic nature of those results rest on your shoulders as your squat with the weight of your dreams supported by your legs. Our doctors and technicians at Self Care LA are experienced CoolSculpting experts, having helped many patients achieve their body goals using this breakthrough technique to help people achieve their targeted fat loss. Contact us at Self Care LA to book a consultation or appointment to be on your way to exterminating that thigh fat, so you can finally enjoy your summer!

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