Pre-Operation Prep

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Thank you for your interest in the services offered by Self Care LA. We no longer offer this service but encourage you to review the services we provide. Thank you.

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If you’re getting ready for surgery, a pre-op exam can help ensure you’re as healthy as possible so your surgery-related risks are reduced. Self Care LA has helped patients with pre-operation prep in Los Angeles, West Hollywood and Playa Vista to get the pre-ops services they need so they can face surgery more confidently and in better health.

Why do I need a pre-op exam?

There are three primary reasons to have an exam prior to surgery: The first reason is to make sure you’re healthy enough to undergo the surgical procedure by examining you and evaluating your general health. Second, a pre-op exam provides you with an opportunity to discuss any general health concerns you may have with your doctor before you undergo your procedure. Since you see your primary care doctor more often than you see your surgeon, you may feel more comfortable discussing concerns about your overall health, your procedure, your recovery and the potential impact of your surgery and recovery on other family members. And finally, by taking steps to make sure you’re in the best health possible prior to surgery, a pre-op exam can help reduce the length of your hospital stay and speed the recovery process.

What can I expect during my pre-op visit?

Your doctor will begin by asking you about your health, including the symptoms that have lead to the decision to have surgery. Blood pressure, temperature and other vital signs may be taken to gain better insight into your current health status, and you’ll also have many of the same evaluations as you would have during a routine physical exam, with more emphasis on heart and lung function. Your doctor may also order lab tests to evaluate your immune system and other factors that could have a bearing on your surgery and your recovery. At Self Care LA, we also offer vitamin IV drip therapy for optimum pre-operation health and post-op recovery.

How long before my surgery should I see my doctor?

Most pre-op visits are made within two to four weeks prior to your surgery date. This gives your primary care doctor plenty of time to order lab work and other tests that can provide a complete picture of your health. Ask your surgeon if he or she prefers you to have your pre-op exam within a specific time frame.