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The Best Chemical Peels in Los Angeles

Medical-Grade Skin Care Los Angeles

Medical-grade chemical peels rejuvenate the skin by removing aging, damaged cells and encouraging fresh, new skin to regenerate in their place.

Skin is a complex system of sensation and protection. It is vulnerable to sunlight and daily irritation, yet strong enough to cradle our soft tissue and musculature. While many people take their skin for granted, everyone deserves a healthy, vibrant texture and tone.

If you are struggling with uneven, rough, or blemished skin, then a medical-grade chemical peel may be just what the doctor ordered. Dr. Vinay Aggarwal and his team proudly serve the Los Angeles area. Under his expert leadership, Self Care LA can transform your complexion with precision and scientific prowess. To benefit from medical-grade chemical peels, contact our office at your earliest convenience.

What Are Medical-Grade Chemical Peels?

Medical-grade chemical peels are highly controlled procedures performed in the safety and privacy of our Southern California clinic. SkinMedica peels are formulated specifically for your skin type to address whatever issues bother you most. By applying and carefully cleansing away your peel, Dr. Aggarwal can unveil your best glow!

Superficial (Light) Peels

Exposure to UV rays results in a phenomenon called photoaging.[1] Skin may wrinkle prematurely and develop brown spots as a result of photoaging, but it is a treatable condition. Alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids can address the signs of early aging in a light chemical peel procedure. This is an extremely effective and easy treatment, and Dr. Aggarwal can even perform a superficial peel during your lunch hour! Despite the name, light peels are actually quite thorough, blanketing the epidermis across your affected area. Impurities are peeled away, leaving a smooth, even complexion.

Medium Peels

The next level of medical-grade peel delves further below the surface, penetrating the papillary dermis.[2] By regenerating skin cells at this depth, medium peels stimulate collagen growth, creating a cycle of maintenance and restoration. Collagen is the most prevalent protein in the human body. An increased production of collagen not only heals the skin that is affected by a chemical peel, but it also extends the benefits of the peel for several months. Dr. Aggarwal recommends a medium medical-grade peel to alleviate brown spots and persistent wrinkles.

Deep Peels

The most potent level of peels often contain phenol and trichloroacetic acid (TCA). By managing the delicate balance of these chemicals, Dr. Aggarwal will deliver truly transformative results that can last for years! If you have experienced sun spots and extensive skin damage as a result of ultraviolet light exposure, then a deep peel may be your preferred remedy.

To determine which grade chemical peel is appropriate for your skin tone and aesthetic goals, contact Self Care LA soon!

Benefits of Skin Enhancement

Skin is the touchscreen of the soul. It exudes a unique glow and interacts with the surrounding world in dynamic, fundamental ways. The main benefit of a chemical peel is cosmetic improvement, but there are also psychological rewards to a medical skin treatment from Dr. Aggarwal. 

By unleashing your skin’s full potential, you can not only look great, but also feel wonderful! The texture of your complexion can enjoy a smoothness and inner glow you may not have experienced for years. Dr. Aggarwal can restore your youthful luster by merely peeling away dead cells and imperfections that obstruct the view of your ideal profile.

Chemical Peel Benefits

  • Erases sun spots
  • Reduces age spots
  • Non-surgical 
  • Safely administered by a medical professional
  • Delivers an even skin tone
  • Addresses blemishes
  • Acne and scar revision
  • Amplifies your natural shimmer

Eligible Candidates

Healthy men and women who struggle with rough skin or unsightly blotches may be perfect candidates for a medical-grade chemical peel. Eligible clients are non-smokers with realistic expectations for stunning skin rejuvenation

A chemical peel may not be the best course of action if you have lax skin that needs tightening. Dr. Aggarwal can recommend an alternative procedure to help address excess, loose skin. To determine your candidacy for a chemical peel treatment in Los Angeles, California, call (310) 856-9583 and schedule an appointment with our helpful healthcare team.

Individual Consultation 

Self Care LA is dedicated to communication. Please visit our blog to catch up on our latest posts about wellness, cosmetic improvement, and general inspiration. If you have any questions about what you read on our blog, feel free to bring them up during your visit. Let’s keep the conversation about your skin health moving forward.

Face time is a valuable commodity. Every moment we connect with others is an opportunity to learn, share, and communicate. Even if you cannot visit Dr. Aggarwal in person, he is still eager to spend some quality face time with you. Self Care LA offers virtual consultations for those outside the Los Angeles area or those who currently have issues traveling outside the home. No matter where you log on, Dr. Aggarwal wants to connect.

During your private consultation, Dr. Aggarwal will assess your skin tone. Please be ready to provide any pertinent medical history as well as your future goals. Tell us why you are considering a medical-grade chemical peel and we can guide you to the right compound for your complexion.


medical grade skin care los angeles

As part of your comprehensive consultation, you will receive detailed instructions to prepare you for a medical peel. You may be advised to quit taking certain supplements to promote optimal circulation in the weeks leading up to your skincare treatment. 

Please do not wear makeup on the day of your chemical peel. We will cleanse the skin prior to the application of your selected compound, but the less irritation to the area, the better. You should also avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight for several days leading up to the date of your peel.

Dr. Aggarwal will customize any further directions based on your anatomy and aesthetic needs. Be sure to heed his advice; he has your best interests at heart.


The exact nature of your SkinMedica chemical peel will depend on the depth of your procedure. If you are receiving a light peel, you most likely will not require a topical numbing cream. Deeper peels may necessitate local anesthetics, but you can discuss your options with Dr. Aggarwal personally.

After your treatment area is properly cleansed, your custom peel solution will be applied. The compound must remain on your skin for an allotted amount of time in order to penetrate through the epidermis and target blemishes that originate below the surface. Your Self Care LA clinician will then counter the peel solution with a neutralizing agent. The peel is removed from your skin and you may be given a topical ointment to begin the healing process.

Recovery and Results

The effects of a medical-grade chemical peel continue long after you leave our office. Minor swelling and redness are normal and should subside within a week. As the name suggests, chemical peels give way for the outer layer of dead skin and impurities to literally peel away. Do not rush the process and be sure to follow Dr. Aggarwal’s aftercare instructions.

When your healthy new layers of skin emerge, your true self will shine brightly! Our rave reviews glow as brightly as your complexion will. We are humbled by our clients’ kind words and vow to continue providing 5-star service.

Complementary Procedures and Products

Health care is not a “one size fits all” endeavor. Medical-grade chemical peels are a great way to replenish your skin, but it may be just one ingredient in the full suite of skincare options at your disposal. 


Dr. Aggarwal can improve your complexion by stimulating collagen and elastin production through microneedling. By creating tiny, shallow punctures, microneedles prompt the skin to heal itself with a rush of healthy proteins


Self Care LA is the best place for CoolSculpting in all of Los Angeles. We are a CoolSculpting Center of Excellence recognized with Diamond level status, so we are able to offer the best prices in town. We are so confident in our prices we offer a meet or beat guarantee! Self Care LA is a CoolScultpting Certified Practice


How much do chemical peels cost in Southern California?

The cost of your customized chemical procedure will depend on the depth of your peel and the extent of your treatment area. Self Care LA offers financing options to provide the best care at the right price.

Are chemical peels painful?

It is common for deeper peels to cause a certain degree of discomfort. Dr. Aggarwal is aware of each compound’s properties and he always considers the best ways to maintain your comfort throughout the skin care process. To learn more about our medical-grade chemical peels, please contact Self Care LA.


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