Morpheus8 RF Microneedling

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The Latest in Skin Rejuvenation

Morpheus8 by InMode is an innovative skin treatment that uses proven techniques and recent advances in aesthetic technologies to address a wide array of skin concerns.

Morpheus8 combines the benefits of microneedling with controlled radiofrequency energy. 

  • Tightens and improves the texture of the skin 
  • Encourages tissue remodeling 
  • Stimulates production of new collagen and elastin
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Customizable for specific conditions
  • Comfortable procedure with no downtime
  • Immediately noticeable improvement with continued long-term results

Morpheus8 applies beneficial energy deep into the dermis via adjustable microneedles, triggering the body’s own production of collagen–the building block of firm, smooth skin. If you’re ready to restore your skin and treat a variety of other skin conditions, schedule an appointment with Self Care LA. Our Santa Monica location offers effective, innovative skin rejuvenation treatments for real results. An informative personal consultation with Dr. Bharat Kothakota and our expert staff can get you started on your path to revitalized skin. Call (323) 337-3445 to make your appointment at our Montana Ave. offices or schedule a virtual consultation to learn more.

Before & After Photos

Collagen Induction with Morpheus8

When it comes to youthful skin, collagen is king. And unfortunately, our body slows its production of collagen as we age. By age 65, the body is producing 25% less collagen than previously, and the collagen that remains becomes thin and disorganized.(1) This is what leads to skin laxity and the appearance of wrinkles.

Morpheus8 combats these signs of aging by creating controlled microinjuries with fine needles, transmitting pulses of radiofrequency energy to create a thermal effect. This causes existing collagen to thicken and contract, tightening the skin, as well as stimulating the production of new collagen.

This wave of collagen can improve the appearance of scars and lead to firmer, more youthful skin on the face or body. Additionally, the combined thermal effect and microneedling can help resurface the skin, diminishing the appearance of age spots and discoloration for a fresh, even skin tone

Sustained Benefits

The Morpheus8 system allows your technician to adjust the length of the microneedles and the amount of energy being emitted, so your treatment can be customized to address your unique skin concerns. Patients receive a numbing cream prior to treatment to ensure comfort during the treatment and afterward; mild side effects such as redness only last a few days. Although you’ll notice an improvement within a few days, the final optimal outcome will be realized approximately 90 days after your third treatment, as new collagen takes 90 days to complete a growth cycle. 

With today’s advances in technology, there are more ways than ever to attain a youthful, refreshed complexion, and Self Care LA is committed to offering patients the very best on the market. To learn more about Morpheus8 and what it can do for you, schedule a consultation today!


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