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Are you tired of upper arm flab that jiggles whenever you move your body or raise your arms? CoolSculpting Arms may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Stubborn fat often develops in the upper arms of men and women as they age or as a result of weight loss. This condition detracts from the natural proportions of the body and may lead to self-consciousness, causing individuals to avoid short-sleeved clothing or bathing suits. At Self Care LA our goal is for you to feel confident about your body so we offer our patients the best, most convenient solution to bat wings: CoolSculpting for Arms!

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a fat freezing technique that was developed by scientists after they noticed that young children who frequently ate popsicles often developed dimples. This non-invasive treatment implements the science of cryolipolysis to reduce stubborn fat stores all over the body. Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive treatment that targets and kills excess fat cells. CoolSculpting was developed by Zeltiq and is the product name of cryolipolysis.

CoolSculpting is not a weight loss solution but a body contouring technique.

As we age, we often develop stubborn fat pockets that do not diminish regardless of how much we work out or eat healthily. CoolSculpting will target these stubborn fat pockets and reduce them with consistent exposure to cold temperatures. The cold will kill the fat cells. These cells will be naturally metabolized by the body and never come back to bother you again.

As mentioned above, CoolSculpting effectively targets fat cells with cold temperatures. This treatment is performed with a uniquely designed suction device.

The patented fat-freezing applicators have been made to target fat all over the body in areas such as the inner thighs, outer thighs, banana roll (the bump of fat just under the bum), abdomen, love handles, back, arms and under the chin. CoolSculpting devices include:

  • CoolAdvantage Applicator
  • CoolFit Applicator
  • CoolMax Applicator
  • CoolMini Applicator
  • CoolSmooth PRO Applicator
  • CoolAdvantage Plus Applicator
  • CoolCurve+ Applicator
  • CoolCore Applicator
  • CoolAdvantage Petite Applicator

Each of these devices has been made for a particular area of the body that people often struggle with fat. The CoolAdvantage Petite™ Applicator was specifically designed to adjust to the curve of the upper arm and reduce frustrating fat stores. Fat development in the upper arms can be very difficult to reduce with healthy eating and exercise. The arms tend to gather fat that is resistant to lifting weights and dieting. If you are bothered by thick upper arms that jiggle, contact Self Care LA today!

Before and After Photos


The primary benefit of CoolSculpting is that it impacts your fat stores long-term. By the time we hit adulthood, we have a set number of fat cells in our body. These cells will only fluctuate in size throughout life. Diet and exercise can help you lose weight but will not remove cells from your body. Cryolipolysis, however, will dramatically impact your body and appearance because it will lower fat stores overall! The results will be long-lasting and there are minimal possible side effects.


It goes without saying that CoolSculpting is a simple way to get rid of bothersome fat. This convenient technique does not require preparation or downtime!


This treatment will not take unnecessary time from your life. With this treatment, you get to show up, freeze fat and then return to your average day. We specialize in fat sculpting and will work with you to create your best outcome! Look through our before and after gallery to see how people just like you are achieving slim, slender physiques!


Arm flab

CoolSculpting is a great option for men and women who are bothered by chubby upper arms. People who are looking for a convenient solution to slim down their arms are ideal candidates. Ideally, people interested in this simple treatment will not have health conditions that hinder their body’s healing process. A private meeting with Dr. Aggarwal will allow him to assess your health and make sure you are a healthy candidate.

Consult with LA’s CoolSculpting Specialists

In a private meeting with Dr. Aggarwal, you will have the opportunity to share your ideal aesthetic and what you hope to achieve for your appearance. Dr. Aggarwal will assess your arms and ask you about your health. Past procedures, current health, and information on current medications will help him learn more about you and whether CoolSculpting is an ideal solution to your concerns. Together, you and Dr. Aggarwal will create a healthy, effective treatment plan.


CoolSculpting is a unique procedure because it does not require surgical techniques. Because of the simple nature of this treatment, you do not need to prepare!


When you arrive at your appointment, you will be guided to one of our state-of-the-art rooms furnished with CoolSculpting equipment. After having a seat in one of our comfortable chairs, the CoolAdvantage Petite™ will be suctioned to your arms.

The suction action will draw fat cells to the surface of your skin, allowing the bothersome cells to be effectively targeted and treated with cold temperatures.

The procedure will last for about thirty-five to sixty minutes. The treatment area will go numb and you will be able to read, watch TV or rest for the duration of the procedure.


After treatment, you will feel a slight pressure as the device is removed. Your arms will be massaged to bring back feeling and get the blood flowing.

You will be able to return to your day immediately! Your arms may be cold and numb for a little while. Some patients experience a tingling sensation as the feeling returns to their upper arms.


You will notice a difference in your arms after three to four weeks.

Over the next few weeks, your body will be removing the fat cells killed off during treatment. You will see results after about four weeks but your best outcome will be visible about two months after your first treatment! CoolSculpting impacts the body and will help you achieve slender arms. The best way to keep your arms looking slim and healthy is with an active lifestyle and wholesome diet.

Complementary Procedures

CoolSculpting can be applied all over the body! A simple procedure to undergo concurrently is another CoolSculpting treatment. Many men and women have other problem areas in mind that they could easily address at the same time. You can easily freeze fat along your thighs, abdomen, flanks, back, and chin. Sculptiung chin fat is a popular treatment and can easily restore your jawline! Mention combining CoolSculpting treatments in your personal consultation with Dr. Aggarwal!

Cost of CoolSculpting for Arms

The cost of your CoolSculpting arms procedure will relate to your end goals and whether you would like to combine treatments. Dr. Aggarwal and you will discuss costs in your consultation. If you would like to learn more about our practice and how CoolSculpting will transform your appearance, give us a call today. You can reach us at (310) 856-9583, we look forward to hearing from you!


Do you lose weight with CoolSculpting?

You can lose a small amount of weight with CoolSculpting. However, CoolSculpting is a body sculpting technique that is meant to contour your appearance. This treatment is not a weight loss solution. This is an ideal treatment for men and women who are bothered by small deposits of fat that are resistant to exercise and diet. If you find that your arms do not slim down no matter how much you workout and diet, CoolSculpting is a great solution!

Can Ice Packs Reduce fat?

No. Ice packs will not provide the consistently cold temperatures that are needed to reduce fat. CoolSculpting applicators have been made specifically for certain areas around the body. Ice packs are not designed with the care and attention CoolSculpting devices have been made.

Does freezing fat really work?

Yes. CoolSculpting provides impressive results! Our patients enjoy their results and find that their results boost their confidence.

Is CoolSculpting dangerous?

No. CoolSculpting is a tried and tested method of fat reduction. Treating fat is simple with this revolutionary technique. Dr. Aggarwal will assess your health before treatment to ensure CoolSculpting is a safe solution!

How much does CoolSculpting cost for my ideal image?

The cost of your treatment will depend on your ideal image. Dr. Aggarwal and you will discuss costs and how best to achieve your optimum outcome during your personal consultation.

Does coolsculpting work on thighs?

Yes. CoolSculpting is a great solution for thick thighs. Applicators have been made for both the inner and outer thighs. The CoolAdvantage™ Applicator is ideal for the smooth inner thighs that have a soft fat, whereas the CoolSmooth PRO™ Applicator is perfect for the outer thighs that have a harder, less pinchable fat. CoolSculpting the thighs is a popular treatment and helps patients achieve slender, attractive legs!

Where can I get coolsculpting in Los Angeles?

Self Care LA is the perfect place for CoolSculpting. Located on Montana Avenue in LA, our clinic is supplied with cutting edge technology and equipment for all your aesthetic needs.

Where is there CoolSculpting Near Me?

CoolSculpting practices are everywhere but it is important that you choose a highly rated, quality office with experienced practitioners. Make sure to research the office you are interested in and whether the staff is CoolSculpting qualified. Dr. Aggarwal has years of experience and is used to treating men and women from all over. Call our office today to see how we will provide your best experience!

CoolSculpting(R) is FDA-cleared to treat visible fat bulges in 9 areas of the body. Some common side effects include temporary numbness, discomfort, and swelling.